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Student Port Folio

PortFolioYears and years of training, our students achieved a great level of expertise. A list of achievements is available in our Port Folio. All of these are made from our school and they deserve a look.

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French Mauritian Chinese Indian Pastry Desserts


If you are those people who say ...
'Do not give us the fish but teach is how to fish'
'Do not give us alms but teach us a trade'
'Do not treat us a delicious dish but show us how to make it'
...then I'm going to tell you simply the following;


You will find the latest students' port-folio!


Courses for All

Bakery Courses

La Pralinette, situated at Rose Hill offers a list of courses in bakery and cooking for different category of people, may it be adults, children, couples or even family. The cookery and bakery courses provide a hands-on opportunity to develop your culinary skills in a practical and supportive learning environment, and a chance to make new friends.

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About Us

At the hands of our experienced cookery and bakery school tutor, Mrs. Fidou Balladin, the complete novice through to the experienced enthusiast will learn not only the secrets of producing the finest food, but also the reasons behind those secrets. read more....


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